30 Jan 2017

L’Institut Route de la Soie est Choqué par l’Attaque au Québec. Nous Encourageons le Changement des Discours sur les Minorités.

The Silk Road Institute is deeply shocked

30 Jan 2017

The Silk Road Institute is deeply shocked and disturbed by the terrorist attack that took place in a mosque in Sainte-Foy, Quebec, killing 6 people and wounding 19 people.

« It is with shock and sadness that we learn this horrible act of violence. Our thoughts, prayers, and support go to the victims and their families in these difficult times, « said Silk Road Institute President Mohamed Shaheen. « It is important to continue to strengthen the links between citizens and to fight against all forms of prejudice. » 

« We encourage officials, media and experts to transform the discourse on minorities in general and Muslims in particular in our society, » said the Silk Road Institute Vice President, Bochra Manai . « We need speeches that delegitimize hatred and appease tensions. » 

The Silk Road Institute is a Montreal-based organization dedicated to promoting the artistic expression of under-represented communities and Muslims in Quebec and Canadians.

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