___ Colors of Music ___
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___ Colors of Music ___


Have you ever noticed how music has hidden powers to change your mood, to turn a dull moment upside down into a lively dance or an emotional nostalgic string of vivid memories, and depending on the music genre, it could create a wide variety of colors or emotions? Have your ever listened to traditional Middle Eastern music or seen an Oud, which is considered by many as the most popular traditional musical instrument in the Middle East and said to yourself: “It is different, unique, exotic or simply… It is beautiful.”

For those reasons and being a hub of artistic expressions in our multicultural city of Montreal, the Silk Road Institute would like to present to you an interactive unique workshop exploring the colors of traditional Middle-Eastern music or as they are known, the Maqams (musical scales), with all their captivating magic.

This interactive event will not only consist of musicians playing small pieces of Middle Eastern Music Maqams on the Oud live to you, but also it will involve you, the audience, engaging with the music by expressing and discussing the feelings evoked, the moods created or the imaginations, ideas, stories or scenarios that come across your mind while listening to this music.

Our musical artists, Adham Abu Zeineddine and Ahmed Abu Eich will be playing selected pieces of music of their choice on the Oud, and Houssam Kotrach will be moderating the workshop.

Registration fee is $5, confirm your attendance at info@silkroadinstitute.ca as soon as possible.

Date: Saturday, Oct.10
Time: 4 PM
Venue: 1200 Atwater Avenue