21 Mar 2014

Silk Road Institute opposes the Charte des valeurs

21 Mar 2014

Montreal, March 21st, 2014 – On the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the Silk Road Institute asserted today its firm opposition to the proposed Charte des valeurs. Despite the bill’s stated purpose of creating a society of equal citizenship, the proposed charter will result in discrimination within state institutions, creating a two-tier class of citizenship.

“The proposed charter threatens the personal rights of members of Quebec society, and will result in the isolation of certain communities from the public sphere.” said Mohamed Shaheen, Executive Director of the Silk Road Institute. “As an organization who’s mandate is to further cross-cultural exchange and to build bridges across Montreal’s communities, we join many of Quebec’s civic and community organizations in opposing the charter.”

Caroline Mailloux, Outreach coordinator for the Silk Road Institute, added “The charter is not needed to assure religious neutrality of the state, as this is already the law.”

The Silk Road Institute continues to encourage Quebecers from all backgrounds to build and strengthen communal ties. We firmly believe that the strength of Quebec has, and continues to stem from our common affinity of respect, compassion, and human rights for all.

For more information:

Elliot Montpellier, The Silk Road Institute
Email: info@silkroadinstitute.ca

About the Silk Road Institute:

The Silk Road Institute is a non-profit, grassroots community organization, dedicated to the promotion of artistic expression and thought-provoking discussions to further cross cultural exchange and the building of bridges across Montreal’s diverse communities.


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